Imagine a day in rural Transylvania: a crowing rooster wakes you up in the morning, breakfast milk is fresh from the cow, streets are empty and you are surrounded by nature.

Neighbors bring their livestock to pasture, transport wood with horse-drawn carriage and grow vegetables in the garden behind their houses. Life goes on as centuries ago, so simple and in harmony with nature, peaceful and calming.

Rolling hills, mild mountains and winding rivers dominate the landscape while thick forests shelter rich wildlife.

Transylvania is filled with medieval castles, palaces and fortified churches, each of them hiding inspiring legends and stories from times long past.

If you crave for genuine rural life, welcoming nature and medieval legends ...  visit Transylvania.

Some suggested holidays itineraries which we can further tailor:

Holidays in Transylvania

Private Tour of Rural Romania

Discover the country at your own pace by choosing one of our private guided tours of Romania!


Visit imposing medieval castles and fortifications, wooden churches, painted monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage sites, gorgeous mountains and quaint countryside, all while getting to know the local culture and history!


Your tour guide will help you meet local families and people who still perform traditional occupations. You can also enjoy traditional home-cooked meals, while sharing stories and legends about our country.


The tour is offered by Via Transylvania Tours, a reputable Romanian tour operator which consistently receives positive reviews.

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Tour in Transylvania: Castles and medieval towns

Embark on a Tour in Transylvania and discover the best of the local culture and history! Visit Transylvania's most famous castles (Corvin, Bran and Peleș), the medieval citadels of Brașov, Sibiu and Sighișoara and quaint villages with fortified churches (Biertan and Viscri).

This guided Transylvania tour also offers you the chance to meet locals, learn about their life, stay in traditional rural guesthouses or charming boutique hotels and have traditional dishes.

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Romania tour guide

As a private, English-speaking Transylvania and Romania tour guide, Daniel Roșca helps you discover the local culture one level deeper in one of his guided tours of Romania. He'll bring you in contact with locals, suggest home-stays, visit both tourist sights and off-the beaten track spots and answer your questions about history, social life, ethnic groups and the current situation of Romania.

His tours are featured in the National Geographic Traveler Romania magazine and he was the main subject of a program on the national TV channel about promoting Romania's authenticity as a tourist attraction.

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Transylvania Tour from Budapest or Belgrade

Visit the best of Transylvania, starting either from Hungary or Serbia! The Bran, Peleș and Corvin castles, the citadels of Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov and Sighișoara, as well as fortified churches are all included in this Transylvania Tour from Budapest or Belgrade!

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Guided Transylvania trip: A delightful 4 days experience

If you can only dedicate 4 days to tour Romania, you should definitely choose this guided Transylvania trip! It takes you to the most beautiful medieval castles and towns, gives a taste of the culture and stunning nature.

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1-4 days

Guided day trips from Sibiu

Sibiu is a great base for day trips to UNESCO heritage sites, historic and medieval monuments, authentic villages and nature.

We can guide you to well-known tourist sites but also to off the beaten track places and facilitate meeting locals and get to know their way of life and fascinating stories.

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Guided Day Trips from Timisoara

Our day trips from Timisoara take you to the Corvin castle, the most imposing gothic castle in Transylvania, Arad, wooden churches, Sarmizegetusa Regia Ulpia Traiana, the oldest church in Romania, vineyards.

On request, we can also organize multi-day trips to Transylvania, Sibiu, the Iron Gates Gorge on the Danube, Apuseni Mountains, Cluj and many other places in Romania.

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Weekend trip from Timisoara (2 days)

During a 2 days trip from Timisoara you can have a quick escape to Transylvania or explore the Banat region.

In Transylvania you can visit an imposing gothic castle in Hunedoara, the largest fortified town having a star shape (Alba Iulia), and Sibiu, a charming medieval town.

Banat region in Western Romania offers some unique experiences: a boat ride on the spectacular Danube gorge and a visit to a village which still has 20 functioning water mills where people still grind their flour.

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Guided Tour of Timisoara

Timisoara is the best place to learn about the 1989 revolution that lead to the fall of communism in Romania, as it all started here.

During a guided tour of Timisoara you'll discover why the city is called „Little Vienna”, about its tumultuous history, European and national premieres which happened here ... all that for a city built on a swamp!

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Arad Guided Day Trip

From Arad you have several interesting options for a day trip. We are suggesting 2 ideas but other day or multi-day trips are possible to the mountains, countryside, other towns.

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Photo workshops

Private or Group Romania Photo Tour

Via Transylvania Tours organizes a private or group Romania photo tour, which will give you an in-depth perspective of the country's culture, traditions and people.

During our tours in all regions, we have discovered many of the most picturesque spots of our country, and we can take you there or help you explore the best of Romania!


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Transylvania Photography Workshop

Capture the essence of Transylvanian lifestyle by visiting blacksmiths, charcoal-makers, shepherds in places where light, action, smoke, color and fascinating characters all come together in story-telling frames. Just waiting for the click. You'll also visit imposing UNESCO sites (Sighisoara, Viscri and Biertan) situated in wonderful settings.

Via Transylvania Tours takes you to places ordinary travelers don't have access to and provides great guidance and photography coaching from a photorapher you'll immediately appreciate!

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Photo workshop in the wild Danube Delta

Europe’s best preserved Delta is a heaven for nature photography with over 300 bird species (i.e. cormorants, pelicans, swans, stork) and wild animals (otter, horses, weasel).

The local Lipovans have a fascinating life, living from fishing and keeping their traditions as centuries back - very picturesque.

This 4 days photography workshop in the Danube Delta allows you to discover this wonderful place and to work on your photography skills.

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