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In Transylvania, Timisoara and Cluj Napoca are the major international airports and low-cost airlines fly to these destinations.

With Wizzair we recommend flying to Timisoara, Cluj Napoca or Tirgu Mures. Major departing European cities are Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Milan and Dortmund.

With BlueAir you can fly to Bucharest from major European cities like London, Dublin, Brussels, Stuttgart, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon. To get to Transylvania you can take a train, bus or drive. From Stuttgart and Madrid you can get to Sibiu as well. Here you can find a destination map for BlueAir.

Tarom, the national carrier, is part of the Skyteam Alliance so you can easily connect flights with airlines like Air France, KLM, Delta, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, and Air Europa.

Other major airlines like Lufthansa, Austrian, Iberia, Qatar Airways, Swiss Air, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, El Al also fly to Bucharest.

By train you can easily get to the Western side of Romania from Budapest or Belgrade in 4 hours and from Vienna in 8 hours. On the East side, Republic of Moldova is two hours away from Iasi. In 10 to 20 hours you can reach Romania from Prague, Zagreb, Krakow, Kiev, Sofia, Skopje, Venice and Istanbul. For accurate international train schedules we recommend this website and for internal train schedules this website. The rail network is very dense but not suitable for speed so it is likely that you will travel on average with 60 km/h.

Driving in Romania requires a lot of attentions as roads are winding, often under construction, pass through villages, and potholes are not uncommon. The network is dense but most of the highways are around Bucharest.

With large EU support, roads and rails are being modernized and newer ones are being built.



Being a European Union (EU) country, visa regime in Romania is similar with the other EU member countries. EU nationals can travel to Romania with a valid identification document, not necessarily a passport.

Please check on the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if your nationality requires visa to enter Romania (

In case you will need to apply for a Romanian tourism visa, first you will need to book a trip with us and then we will support you with needed documents. Please check terms and conditions for additional information.


Relevant travelling information

The official language in Romania is Romanian; 75-85% of its words are of Latin, French or Italian origin, some 14% of Slavic origin and the rest from old Dacian, German, Turkish and Hungarian. In cities you will be able to easily find English speaking people, especially among the young people.

Romania’s currency is Leu (lei for plural) and its symbol is RON. 1 EUR varies between 4 and 4.5 RON while 1 USD varies between 2.9 and 3.5 RON. Please check the website of the national bank for current exchange rates.

Many international banks are present in Romania and an extended network of ATMs is available across the country. Paying with debit or credit cards is popular in major facilities.

For telephones, the international dialing code is 0040.

Local time in Romania is GMT+2 as in Athens, Istanbul or Cape Town.

For any emergency you can call 112.