Guided Tour of Timisoara

Timisoara is the best place to learn about the 1989 revolution that lead to the fall of communism in Romania, as it all started here.

During a guided tour of Timisoara you'll discover why the city is called „Little Vienna”, about its tumultuous history, European and national premieres which happened here ... all that for a city built on a swamp!

1 days

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guided tour of Timisoara City tour highlights:

  • Find out how the 1989 anti-communism revolution started in Timisoara, unfolded and how it spread nationally to finally overthrow Ceasescu's dictatorial regime. You'll know why the people revolted, who where the key figures and you'll pass by the symbolic sights of the revolution
  • Stroll through 3 wonderful squares having representative names for the history of this city: Union, Liberty and Victory. Along the way you will admire the fusion of baroque, secession and eclectic architectural styles. Then you'll be surprised to find the Catholic, Lutheran, Serbian and Romanian Orthodox churches and Jewish Synagogue very close to each other – a proof of the diversity existing in this city and the tolerance towards each other despite different ethnicity or religious beliefs.
  • See the remains of the old defensive fortress and learn about the history starting with its first days, through the medieval ages, during the endless wars between Ottoman, Hungarian and Austrian Empires when Timisoara had a key role.
  • If interested in the current socio-economic life of Timisoara, we can get into that as well as it is fascinating how the city thrives

At the end of this guided tour of Timisoara you can also receive advise on museums to visit, places to go to, restaurants and clubs, what to visit next in the region and in Romania.


Detailed tour information

Daniel Rosca, Timisora Tour Guide

Daniel moved to Timisoara 11 years ago to attend university and decided to live here.

As a national tour guide, he is fascinated by the 4 faces of Romania: medieval, communist, rural and nature and enjoys sharing them with travelers. He likes the off the beaten track experiences but is also very knowledgeable of history, main tourist sights and social and cultural issues.

Before working as a tour guide he worked on youth development at AIESEC, community affairs and corporate social responsibility at Microsoft. He lived and worked in Brussels, Warsaw, Istanbul and Cairo and travelled to over 25 countries on 4 continents. Daniel studied management and sustainable development and speaks English and bits of all the Latin languages. In 2010 he decided travel should be his way of life, returned home to Romania and founded Via Transylvania Tours.

He is also involved in sustainable rural development projects and promoting repsonsible travel in Romania.


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Payment info:

Price: 40 EUR per group for up to 7 people or 5EUR/person for more than 8 people

Duration: 2 hours. For 3 hours the price will increase with 30% and for 4 hours with 50%.


Tour dates:

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