Guided Day Trips from Timisoara

Our day trips from Timisoara take you to the Corvin castle, the most imposing gothic castle in Transylvania, Arad, wooden churches, Sarmizegetusa Regia Ulpia Traiana, the oldest church in Romania, vineyards.

On request, we can also organize multi-day trips to Transylvania, Sibiu, the Iron Gates Gorge on the Danube, Apuseni Mountains, Cluj and many other places in Romania.

1 days

Daily schedule:

We have 2 recommended itineraries for day trips from Timisoara:

Option 1: visit Corvin Castle in Hunedoara (the most imposing gothic castle in Transylvania), the church in Densus, which is the oldest in Romania and veiled in mystery, the ruins of Sarmizegetusa Regia Ulpia Traiana, which was the capital during roman occupation and a wooden church specific to Banat region.

Option 2: visit the only circular village in Romania, the fortress in Lipova, the vineyards in Paulis where you can try some excellent wine, the neighboring town of Arad with an interesting history and buildings and the roman-catholic church from Vinga, one of the largest in Romania.

These are two ideas for day trips from Timisoara, but we can create other tailor-made trips or we can extend them to more days.

For further inspiration please have a look at our:

  • Suggestions for 2 days trip trip from Timisoara, one to Transylvania (Corvin Castle, Alba Iulia and Sibiu are included) and one focused on nature (including Bigar waterfall and the Danube Gorge)
  • A 6 days roundtrip tour of Transylvania from Timisoara (including Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov, Bran, Peles and Corvin castles, Viscri and Turda salt mine)

In case you have family origins from this region (called Banat) we can also organize a family routes search tailor-made trip (also known as genealogy).

To get started, please send us an enquiry and let us know your preferences.

Detailed tour information

About the tour guide

Daniel Roşca will be your tour guide unless he is not available and then one of our partner tour guides will take over. Daniel lives in Timisoara and his first visit to the city was when he signed up for university here back in 2002.

Daniel is fascinated by the 4 faces of Romania: medieval, communist, rural and nature and enjoys sharing them with travelers. He likes the off the beat track experiences but is also very knowledgeable of history, main tourist sights and social and cultural issues.

Before working as a tour guide he worked on youth development at AIESEC, community affairs and corporate social responsibility at Microsoft. He lived and worked in Brussels, Warsaw, Istanbul and Cairo and travelled to over 25 countries on 4 continents. Daniel studied management and sustainable development and speaks English and bits of all the Latin languages. In 2010 he decided travel should be his way of life, returned home to Timisoara, Romania and founded Via Transylvania Tours.

He is also involved in sustainable rural development projects and promoting repsonsible travel in Romania.


Media appearances & reviews

National Geographic Traveler Romania placed us second among its best 11 tours of Transylvania in its December 2012 issue.

Impressions from previous travelers:

From Jeroen (The Netherlands) posted on Daniel's LinkedIn profile: Daniel organized a trip from Timișoara for me and a group of my colleagues. It was a one and a half day trip to Beuşniţa National Park and the Danube river on the border with Serbia. The trip was flexible in every aspect, during the car ride or hike through Beuşniţa National Park, the group could still decide on aspects of the trip and it even left room to be extended with an additional day. Daniel is a passionate tour guide, he had many detailed background stories from this area where he originally grew up, and he made sure everyone got a rich experience from the trip. After an impressive hike through Beuşniţa National Park, we had a beautiful ride through the mountains, after which a boat was waiting for us at the Danube river. A great ending of the trip on the border of Romania and Serbia, where many historic events took place. I can recommend Daniel Rosca's guided tours to everyone visiting Timisoara and Romania. He will guarantee an experience you will not forget soon.

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Payment info:

Price for Option 1:

-195 EUR for 1 to 4 people, transport done by sedan car

- 295 EUR for 5 to 8 people, transport done by minivan

- 500 EUR for 9 to 18 people, transport done by minibus

Price for Option 2:

-185 EUR for u1 to 4 people, transport done by sedan car

- 270 EUR for 5 to 8 people, transport done by minivan

- 470 EUR for 9 to 18 people, transport done by minibus

Tour guide and transportation are included. Entrance tickets and meals are extras.

Tour dates:

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