Guided day trips from Sibiu

Sibiu is a great base for day trips to UNESCO heritage sites, historic and medieval monuments, authentic villages and nature.

We can guide you to well-known tourist sites but also to off the beaten track places and facilitate meeting locals and get to know their way of life and fascinating stories.

1 days

Daily schedule:

Day trips from Sibiu You can have several one day trips from Sibiu, please find below a few suggestions. We can also organize tailor-made trips or extend them to more than days by traveling to other regions of Romania.

Option 1: Visit the most imposing gothic construction in Transylvania, the Hunyad (or Corvin) Castle in Hunedoara. In the afternoon we visit one of the most important cities for Romanian history, Alba Iulia, a Vauban star-shaped fortress where in 1918 Transylvania united with the other historic regions of Romania. We will also visit the beautiful fortified church in Câlnic, a UNESCO world heritage sites.

Option 2: Discover Transylvania’s fortifications and German Saxon settlement heritage by visiting the Day trips from Sibiuvillages with fortified churches (i.e. Biertan, Hosman, Valea Viilor) and the charming medieval citadel of Sighişoara.

Next day trip options are available from May to September only.

Option 3: Explore the rural area around Sibiu called Mărginimea Sibiului (Sibiu’s borders), a region where many traditional occupations are still practiced. We’ll take you to a blacksmith and see what he’s working that day (usually horseshoes), a brick-maker and to a sheepfold high in the mountains; we can have meals cooked by locals.

Option 4: Drive up to 2000m altitude on the Day trips from Sibiu Transfăgărăşan road (one of the most spectacular in the world) to a glacial lake from where we can do a half-a-day hike.

Option 2 and 4 can be extended up to 3 days to include Braşov, Bran castle, Râşnov fortress, the bear sanctuary in Zărneşti and Peleş castle in Sinaia.

Option 1 can be extended up to 4-5 days to include the Apuseni Mountains with hikes and visits to its many caves, picturesque hamlets and wood craftsmen.

To get started, please send us an enquiry and let us know your preferences for day trips from Sibiu.

Detailed tour information

Your guide for day trips from Sibiu

Daniel is fascinated by the 4 faces of Romania: medieval, communist, rural and nature and enjoys sharing them with travelers. He likes the off the beat track experiences but is also very knowledgeable of history, main tourist sights and social and cultural issues.

Before working as a tour guide he worked on youth development at AIESEC, community affairs and corporate social responsibility at Microsoft. He lived and worked in Brussels, Warsaw, Istanbul and Cairo and travelled to over 25 countries on 4 continents. Daniel studied management and sustainable development and speaks English and bits of all the Latin languages. In 2010 he decided travel should be his way of life, returned home to Romania and founded Via Transylvania Tours.

He is also involved in sustainable rural development projects and promoting repsonsible travel in Romania.

To get in contact, please send us an enquiry.

What others say about us

National Geographic Traveler Romania placed us second in its best 11 tours of Transylvania in its December 2012 issue. Click here for a scan of the magazine.

Impressions from previous travelers:

John and Doreen from Vancouver, Canada: "Daniel had tailor-made a ten day tour of the Maramures and Bucovina area. The tour would include highlight visits to many UNESCO wooden churches, a steam train ride into the picturesque Vaser Valley, the painted monasteries of Bucovina plus excellent accommodations. Many very special opportunities arose through Daniel's slick planning, one a traditional wedding and another a sheep milk measurement traditional event.

Again thanks for a fantastic time and it will most certainly be one of our all time outstanding tour adventures.  Bar none! It did feel like family and a strong bond in such a brief time frame.  Wow!"

Mike and Shoshy from Israel: "We feel obliged to express our deep appreciation for the wonderful service that Daniel gave us, relentlessly all along the 12 days, from Sept. 16th thru Sept. 27th 2012.

Daniel was both a terrific tour guide as well as a very pleasant companion, presenting an exciting as well as interesting picture of Romania, which really created a taste of more. He is an excellent driver, which always gave us a strong feeling of a fully trustworthy individual.

Daniel made us fall in love with Romania, through introducing us to Romanian history, old sites, history, meeting Romanian families and craftsmen, exciting sites and landscapes, and more."

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Payment info:

Prices vary on the option you choose and the group size.

Option 1: 200 EUR for 1-4 people, 330 EUR for 5 to 8 people and 550 EUR for 9 to 18 people

Option 2: 190 EUR for 1-4 people, 270 EUR for 5 to 8 people and 390 EUR for 9 to 18 people

Option 3: 190 EUR for 1-4 people

Option 4: 190 EUR for 1-4 people

Tour dates:

  • Please suggest

Journey start and finish place:

These day trips will start and end in Sibiu but we can organize day trips from many different locations in Transylvania.

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