Transylvania Tour from Budapest or Belgrade

Visit the best of Transylvania, starting either from Hungary or Serbia! The Bran, Peleș and Corvin castles, the citadels of Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov and Sighișoara, as well as fortified churches are all included in this Transylvania Tour from Budapest or Belgrade!

6 days days

Daily schedule:

Day 1: From Budapest or Belgrade to Timisoara in Romania

You will be met in the morning in Budapest/Belgrade and set on the road for your Transylvania Tour. From Budapest the first stop however will be the beautiful town of Szeged in Hungary.

Then you will arrive in Romania in the city of Timisoara nicknamed “The Little Wien” for its architecture, similar to Viennese one. It is also the place where the 1989 anti-communist revolution started and you will find out how it unfolded and also see the most interesting places in the town, which is the second most developed in Romania.

Drive time: 4 hours

Day 2: Your first castle and fortress in Transylvania

It’s time to get to the heart of Transylvania. In Hunedoara you will visit the Corvin Castle also known as Hunyad; it was built starting with the 15th century in Gothic style and it is the most imposing one in Transylvania.

In Alba Iulia you will find the largest fortress in Transylvania, it has a star-shape and it welcomes visitors as it was recently renovated. Alba Iulia is also a place of great historical importance for Romania as it was here that in 1918 it was celebrated the union of Transylvania with the Romania of those times (comprising of the Southern and Eastern parts of the current Romania).

In the evening you will arrive in Sibiu, known as a cultural hotspot in Romania, hosting many events and festivals, having been the European Cultural Capital in 2007.

Drive time: 4,5h

Day 3: Discover Sibiu, in the heart of Romania

You will have the whole day to discover Sibiu, considered by many, together with Brasov, the most beautiful cities in Romania. The historic part of the town was built by German Saxons starting with the 12th century and one can see the old traditional architecture, the defensive towers and walls and the beautiful centuries-old buildings and squares. You will have a guided walk around the city to get to know it better. Sibiu also has a few very good museums like the ones dedicated to Arts and History. Near Sibiu there is also the Village Museum, the largest open air museum in this part of Europe. It hosts traditional houses from all over Transylvania and you will learn about the old traditional architecture and lifestyle.

In Sibiu you can easily add another 1 or 2 nights to your Transylvania tour to explore the wonderful, traditions-rich region around Sibiu. In the nearby villages you can find beautiful German Saxon villages with fortified churches but also villages of shepherds. You can visit a sheepfold and learn how cheese is made in this region and also visit local families, Roma people and craftsmen such as blacksmiths, brick makers and women painting icons on glass or making traditional clothes.

Also the mountains and hills around Sibiu offer great hiking and biking opportunities.

Drive time: 0-1h

Day 4: Fortified churches and towns left behind by German Saxons

Diving deeper into the core of Transylvania, you will reach the picturesque fortified church in Biertan or the fortress as locals call. It is set in a valley on a hilltop and the defensive walls around the church was built by the German Saxons to shelter the villagers in case of enemy assault. In medieval times there were around 300 villages with such fortified churches in Transylvania, now over 100 are left and 8 of them are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Biertan fortress is one of them.

Then you will arrive in Sighisoara, a charming medieval citadel, one of the best preserved in the whole of Europe. It has centuries’ old buildings and narrow cobbled streets which still have the names of the guilds which used tolive work here.

In the late afternoon you will be in Viscri, the village HRH Prince Charles fell in love with, bought a house here and visits yearly. It has a fortified church, it was also built by German Saxons and was deserted as they moved to Germany in the last 50 years after living here for 800 years. A major conservation project is currently underway. You will spend the night in a traditional house.

Drive time: 2,5h

Day 5: Brasov and Bran castle

Having already seen two of the most beautiful fortified churches in Transylvania it is time you saw the largest one, in Prejmer. This one has in its surrounding walls more than 200 rooms where locals could live during long periods of assault, it is truly impressive.

Next stop will be Brasov, beautifully located in a valley between mountains; you will have a guided walk around the old town which will include the German and Romania quarter, the Black Church, the citadel, the defensive towers and walls.

In the evening you will visit the most famous castle in Transylvania, namely Bran castle, being usually associated with the fictitious Dracula character. In reality it is a wonderful medieval castle tastefully decorated by our queen in the 1920s. You will also find out about Dracula’s legend.

Drive time: 2,5h

Day 6: Seeing bears and the Peles castle

Romania is home to the largest bear population in Europe and in Zarnesti you can see over 60 bears living in a fenced natural habitat. These bears were raised in captivity since being cubs, in zoos or private properties, so they cannot adapt to wildlife. This is why, for them, a sanctuary is the best solution. You will also find out the moving stories of many of the bears here.

On the way to Bucharest you should definitely visit the Peles and Pelisor castles in Sinaia. They are built by our kings more than 100 years ago and are truly magnificent, being surrounded by mountains and forests - true fairytales castles.

One last stop before reaching Bucharest, to celebrate this tour in style is for sparkling wine tasting, cheers!

Detailed tour information

Ideas for extending your Transylvania Tour from Budapest or Belgrade

  • Detour from Hunedoara towards Cluj Napoca for a visit - it is the largest town in Transylvania. On the way, you can visit the salt mine in Turda, which is truly impressive. Near Turda there is also the Turda gorge and the Szeklers’ Rock Mountains which are great for 2-3 hours hikes;
  • From Hunedoara, you can also go to Retezat Mountains (great for hikes) or to the Apuseni Mountains to visit many of the gorgeous caves in the region or Rosia Montana, an environmental hotspot due to a proposed controversial gold-mining project;
  • In the Sibiu area, as suggested above you can spend 1-2 more nights to explore the rural life and nature;
  • If you are into spectacular roads, Transylvania offers two truly gorgeous ones: Transfagarsan and Transalpina, both of which can be accessed from Sibiu;
  • From Sighisoara, you can detour for a day trip to Targu Mures, Praid salt mine and Corund, a village famous for pottery;
  • Attend traditional festivals or cultural events at times when they occur;
  • Take the cable car in Busteni up to the Bucegi Mountains;
  • Also, if you are interested in castles and medieval towns, a special tour can be organized.


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Group size Price per person
6 600 EUR
4 700 EUR
2 1150 EUR

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Budget option of the tour: see the above prices;

Comfort option of the tour: the price will increase with 250 EUR/person for a group of 2 or 4 people and with 100 EUR for 6 people.


Please read the below transportation and lodging sections to understand the difference between comfort and budget option.

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Accommodation is done in shared double rooms, breakfast is included.

Budget option:

  • 1 night in Timisoara at 3* star hotel
  • 2 nights at a rural guesthouse near Sibiu, 3 daisies
  • 1 night in Viscri 38 rural rural guesthouse in a traditional German Saxon building
  • 1 night in Bran at 3* hotel

Comfort option:

  • 1 night in Timisoara at 4* star hotel
  • 2 nights in Sibiu at Casa Luxemburg 3* hotel in the historic center
  • 1 night in Viscri at an excellent 3* guesthouse in traditional German Saxon building
  • 1 night in Bran at 4* hotel

We will provide you the hotel information once you send us an enquiry. For single room supplement, please inquire.

Journey start and finish place:



Budapest or other cities in Hungary;

Belgrade or other cities in Serbia.



Bucharest or any other city in Romania.


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Less than 4 people: compact sedan car (such as Dacia Logan or Ford Focus) / minivan (such as Renault Traffic).

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Less than 4 people: a large family car (such as VW Passat)

Larger group: minivan (such as Renault Traffic).


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Your guide or a driver will drive.

Included in the tour package:

  • Accommodation for 5 nights in shared double room, please see lodging section for details
  • Breakfast daily
  • Dinner on day 4
  • Transfers on the suggested route, please see transportation section for details
  • Tour guide for 6 days (accommodation and meals included)

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  • Medical insurance, we strongly advise to have one
  • Entrance tickets
  • Visa related costs
  • Other items not included in the above list
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