Private or Group Romania Photo Tour

Via Transylvania Tours organizes a private or group Romania photo tour, which will give you an in-depth perspective of the country's culture, traditions and people.

During our tours in all regions, we have discovered many of the most picturesque spots of our country, and we can take you there or help you explore the best of Romania!


up to 15 days

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Romania Photo Tour - Social documentary photography

In Romania's rural areas, you can find people practicing centuries-old occupations such as blacksmithing, brick or charcoal making, shepherding, wood carving. Rural life is well preserved in many regions and you will find men mowing hay with a scythe and piling haystacks, using horses or oxen to plough the land or pull carts, taking animals to pasture, working in the garden, baking bread in clay ovens, making home-made plum brandy and more.

You can shoot a wide variety of scenarios and social aspects, from places where people still wear traditional clothes on special occasions, to local farmers and animal markets.

Some of the traditional festivals are also fascinating, such as the sheep milk measurement in spring, harvest celebrations in summer and autumn and ceremonies to chase away winter.

Romania Photo Tour - Landscape photography

Romania is crossed by a ring of mountains, the Carpathians, which offer amazing landscapes - from tall cliffs, to thick forests, rivers cutting through gorges and lakes.

Romania also has very good weather for photography, from clear-sky sunny days to cloudy and stormy summer days. Unlike places like the UK, where you can have cloudy and rainy days for weeks in row, in Romania the weather will most likely change in a few days’ time.

Autumn in Romania is particularly spectacular as well, as it brings an explosion of colors in the forests and mountainous regions.

Photo Tour of Romania - Wildlife photography

Romanian forests and mountains are home to the second largest bear, wolf and lynx population in Europe, after Russia. You can also easily find dears, rabbits, wild-boar and many other common animals and birds.

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve has the third largest biodiversity in the world (over 5,500 flora and fauna species), exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. Here you can find over 300 species of birds teaming in the highest concentration of bird colonies in Europe. In the Danube Delta you can also find wild horses and locals of Russian descent preserving an old way of life, making a living from fishing.

Romania Photo Tour - Travel photography

The Transylvania region is most famous for its touristic objectives such as the Bran castle, the majestic Peles castle in Sinaia or its largest gothic castle, in Hunedoara.

There are also 7 medieval towns, star shaped and millennia-old fortresses and villages with fortified churches.

The Bucovina region is famous for its painted monasteries, while Maramures is famous for its wooden churches. Many of these are UNESCO World Heritage sites, so they are definitely worth visiting and taking a shot.

Of course, the people, the way of life and the rich culture all fall under this category.

Your photo tour of Romania

Each Romania photo tour we organize is tailor-made to the interests and expectations of the photographers.

A private or group photo tour usually lasts 10-14 days, but the duration is really up to you. For photographers living in Europe, the 4 days photography workshops in Transylvania or the Danube Delta can be also interesting.

The focus of the tour is your choice and different types of photography can be mixed in the tour.

If you are interested in a photo tour, please send us an enquiry and tell us about your interest. Please also provide a phone number and suggest a suitable time when we can give you a call.

Experience of organizing a Romania photo tour, reviews and photos from previous guests

The first photo workshop we organized was in 2011 and was led by a Romanian photographer. Since then we've worked with 3 American companies on delivering photo tours for them and also ran private photo tours for photographers.

Testimonial from Najat Naba, Photo Quest Adventures, New York, USA: "Thanks to Daniel who shared his wealth of knowledge about his beautiful country and helped us create an itinerary with access to the hidden treasures and people of Romania."

Testimonial from Sarah & Max from Berlin: "The tour and photography workshop was just great!!! We enjoyed it a lot, met kind people, made great photos and saw interesting spots! Exciting country! Great tour, from the beginning to the end! Thanks a lot and see you next time maybe in Danube Delta!"

Here are some pictures taken by previous photo tour participants:

In 2012, National Geographic Traveler Romania magazine included one of our tours among their recommend top 11 tours of Transylvania region in Romania.


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Tour dates:

  • On demand


We usually choose accommodation which combines the traditional with modern facilities and which is well located, so photographers can easily go out and shoot at different times of the day.

Journey start and finish place:

The tour can start from any place in Romania.


  • Private tours: a sedan car (or SUV in the winter);
  • Groups: minibuses (like Mercedes Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter).
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