Transalpina drive from Novaci to Sebes

Flowers of the Transalpina driveI remember 6-7 years ago there some news articles about the threat of building the Transalpina road across the mountains, how damaging it will be for the environment. Well, now it is done and everyone can drive on it.

The road starts from Novaci and the view is already great from the foot of the mountain. Some 20 km later you arrive in Rânca, a ski resort built chaotically and which doesn’t impress the eye. There you can stay overnight year-round or stop for a meal at one of the many hotels.

Being a newly built road you can clearly see the effect of the works on the mountain and especially on the forest as you go up and down the mountain.

The views during the Transalpina drive are really wonderful; going by car to such altitude makes such views available to anyone, not only to those hard core mountaineers. I strongly recommend stopping the car and going off-road for a while, walking on the mountain, looking down the valleys, at the flowers, seeing sheep and meet the shepherds, going to the glacial and man-made Amazing view on Transalpina drivelakes, hiking, picking up berries … don’t just drive, take a full day for this 130km from Novaci to Sebes. On the way you will also find locals selling cheese, gems, honey and other local products, so you can picnic on that.

The road might be blocked between Rânca and Obârșia Lotrului. It is still possible to drive but at your own risk as even in May it might snow and there are no signs and side-walls on the road.

After 50 km into your drive you go down and find an intersection with a road to Petroșani and one to Voineasa. The road to Petroșani is really bumpy and shorter. If you continue towards Voineasa you will see more of the mountains and the road is better. This is also the way to Sebes.

Driving towards Voineasa you will pass by Vidra Lake and while going to Sebes you will pass by Oașa lake.

Once in Dobra you can go straight to Sebeș on the valley or turn right towards Jina to explore the Meeting sheep on Transalpina drivepictoresque shepherd villages  of Jina and Poiana Sibiului set at 1000+ meters altitude.

Of course, you can do the Transalpina drive the other way around, starting from Sibiu or Sebes towards Novaci.

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