Top things to do in Romania, by region

We’ve created a list of the most interesting and authentic things to do in Romania based on our previous experience with foreign travelers.

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Here are our top things to do in Romania – Special interest activities available in many regions of the country:

  • Hike in the mountains up to 2500 meters (Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Făgăraș, Apuseni, Gutâi, Rodna, Retezat or Rarău are all good options)
  • Ride a horse in nature
  • Ride a donkey (for children)
  • Visit a sheepfold to see how shepherds live in the 20th century and try freshly made cheese and traditional shepherd dishes
  • Get involved in traditional farming, work in the garden, feed animals, collect eggs, milk cows and make cheese, mow and pile hike in apuseni mountainshaystacks
  • See the wild brown bear in the forest
  • Learn pottery and wood carving, make your own bowl and wooden fork
  • Bike in the countryside (South Transylvania, along the Danube and Maramureș are the best options). Suggested biking tour.
  • Wine tasting – Romanian wine is very good, though less known internationally and you can try it in many regions, either home-made by peasants or in the vineyards cellars (Cotnari, Jidvei, Murfatlar or Miniș are some of the options). Sample wine tour for a group.
  • Photographers, painters and other artists can enjoy thematic trips, Romania being in many ways an exotic country for Western standards. Also people interested in Jewish, German Saxon or Gypsy heritage can have thematic trips. Click here for further details on private photo tours.

Visit South Transylvania region (4 to 10 days)
In the triangle formed by the cities of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara you can find the most imposing castles and fortifications and peles castle in sinaiayou’ll feel the medieval vibe. Top things to do and visit:

  • Romania’s most beautiful castles: Peleș and Pelișor (in Sinaia), built by the royal family in the 19th century
  • Sighișoara, said to be Europe’s most beautiful medieval citadel and the only one entirely inhabited (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Brașov, a medieval city with a beautiful historic center set at the foot of the mountain
  • The Fortified church in Viscri
  • Sibiu, also a medieval city, former European Cultural Capital in 2007 has many interesting museums: a large open air village museum, arts, history and pharmacy museums
  • Bran castle, famous due to its association with the fictitious Dracula character, set in a valley between mountains
  • Villages with fortified churches, 7 of them UNESCO World Heritage sites: Viscri, Dârjiu, Prejmer, Câlnic, Biertan Săschiz and Valea Viilor. They were built by German Saxons, have a distinctive architecture and there village life is preserved. We suggest staying in such a village for a few days at least.village of viscri
  • Drive on the Transfăgărășan road up to over 2000 meters on a very scenic road
  • Follow the link for a suggested tour of Transylvania.

Visit Maramureș, Europe’s last truly rural region (3 to 10 days)
An isolated region between mountains where people still live from wood harvesting and wear traditional costumes on special occasions. Top things to do and visit:

  • The wooden churches from Șurdești, Plopiș, Rogoz, Bârsana, Desești, Budești, Ieud and Poienile Izei (UNESCO World Heritage sites)
  • Ride with the narrow gauge steam train (Mocănița) on the Vaser Valley
  • Săpânța Merry Cemetery where funerary crosses are colorfully decorated, telling stories of people’s liveswooden monasteries maramures
  • The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance where the most liberal politicians were jailed
  • Stay in a traditional wooden house with locals
  • Discover the many traditional crafts still alive such as weaving, making traditional clothes or coopering
  • Go to the church on a Sunday or other important religious holidays with locals still wearing their traditional clothes
  • Learn pottery and wood carving
  • Follow the links for suggested spring-summer-autumn tour of Maramures or a winter tour of Maramures

Visit Bucovina, the land of the painted monasteries (2 to 5 days)
A region set among mountains known for its painted monasteries and wonderful nature and countryside. Top things to do and visit:easter eggs

  • The painted monasteries from Voroneț, Sucevița, Moldovița, Arbore, Humor, Suceava, Pătrăuți and Probota (UNESCO World Heritage sites)
  • Discover the art of decorating Easter eggs and learn to do it yourself
  • Stay in a village where not only eggs and clothes are beautifully painted but the houses as well

Visit Apuseni mountains region (2 to 5 days)
A region rich in natural resources, Apuseni mountains is where gold was extracted here since 2000 years. It is also home to some of the longest and most beautiful caves in Europe. Top things to do and visit:

  • Explore a few out of the thousands of caves from this region
  • Visit Roșia Montană where gold was mined ever since Roman occupation and now is an environmental hotspot due to a proposed mining project
  • Turda salt mine and Turda gorge

Visit Danube Delta (3 to 7 days)
Danube Delta swansThe Danube Delta is the best preserved European delta hosting more than 300 birds species, wild animals and fish. Top things to do and see:

  • Watch over 300 bird species, among them: pelican, cormorant, heron, eagle, wild ducks, swans
  • Eat delicious fish dished cooked by local fishermen
  • Boat rowing expeditions through the endless channels labyrinth
  • Watch as the Danube flows in the Black Sea and forms new land and beaches
  • Go to the beach in Sfantu Gheorghe or Sulina, with good sand and less crowded than the Black Sea coast

Visit the Szekler Land (2 to 5 days)
The region is dominated by the Hungarian minority with its distinct cultural traits. Top things to do and see:

  • Praid salt mine, which you will have access to  by bus
  • rimetea szekler rockEat the famous goulash and kurtos kolacs
  • Bathe in the salty lakes at Sovata

Visit the Corvin castle region (2 to 5 days)
Corvin castle is an important landmark, but nearby there are also Dacian fortresses, the oldest church in Romania and Retezat mountains, a biosphere reserve. Top things to do and visit:

  • Corvin castle (or Hunyadi castle, in Hunedoara), the most imposing one in Transylvania, where it is said that Vlad Țepeș (the character who inspired the Dracula character) was imprisoned for 7 years
  • Corvin Castle in Hunedoara2 millennia old Dacian fortresses, the most interesting being Sarmizegetusa Regia (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Densuș church, the oldest one in Romania, veiled in mystery. It is said that at first on its site there was a pagan temple
  • Explore the Retezat mountains, a biosphere reserve, home to intact beech forests and rich wildlife

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