From Transylvania to London and back

Last week I went to London with the main purpose to understand how Transylvania is seen from there and initiate cooperation with like-minded organizations.

I have to share the interesting stories of two Londoners, Jeremy and James.

Jeremy, after a long and successful entrepreneurial career in the clothing industry traveled to South Transylvania, fell in love with the place and decided on the spot to buy a house in the village of Crit, and so he did; he wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast so we spoke about it. I asked him why he wanted to do that, he said that it just felt right, he loved the place and how rustic it was, surrounded by wonderful scenery with hills and forests.

James, was working in New York on Wall Street and came to Romania for 4 days, first 3 days were wonderful; on the last day everyone ripped him off, at the hotel, cable car, bus and taxi! So he left with a bitter feeling but sweetened by the memories of the first days. So he saw this as an opportunity, an amazing place but still rough and where if services were of quality and fair, it can provide interesting traveling experiences. He decided to find something rare to focus on so he chose the ice hotel at Balea Lake; so far, all travelers were happy with the services and the project continues to grow, relaying on locals. In February for example, they will organize two weddings for British couples at the ice hotel.

These are two positive examples but I came across of other British with similar inspiring experiences, some of them actually moved to Romania. In reality they are few such people but they really cherish what they found. And I hope Transylvania will stay like that, discovered by few curious travelers who truly appreciate it.

On the last day, walking along the Thames I took a picture of the London Eye and couldn’t help notice the blue, yellow and red colors of the Romanian flag reflected in the water, a sign that it was time to go back home 🙂

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