Festivals and cultural events in Romania

Gărâna Jazz Festival: 12th of July – 15th of July

It’s an international music festival that takes place every year in Gărâna, Caraș-Severin. Jazz artists from all over the world perform on this stage. This year you will be able to listen to Bill Frisell, Charles Lloyd, John Surman, Arild Andersen Magnus Ostrom, and Bugge Wesseltoft. For more information check this site: www.garana-jazz.ro/.

Peninsula: 18th of July – 21st of July

Peninsula Félsziget is Romania`s largest festival, with stages for different musical styles: rock, metal, pop, electro, world music, folk, hip-hop, blues and jazz. This year the festival takes place in Valea  Gârbăului, Cluj. For more details check the official page: www.felsziget.ro.

Sighișoara Medieval Festival: 26th of July– 28th of July

Another of the cultural events in Romania is the Sighișoara Medieval Festival. Sighișoara is one of the most visited cities of Romania, due to its medieval appearance. During the annual festival the city goes back in time and you can admire the costumes, medieval dances, knightly battles, crafts, knight orders, folk artists, medieval music, carnival of medieval masks, theater, and animation.

Festivalul Secerișului de la Ampoița (Harvesting Festival from Ampoița)

The Harvesting Festival it’s a traditional festival from Ampoița, Alba and takes place every year on the last Saturday of July. The harvest of wheat is one of the important moments of the country side life. Tourists can watch the ritual of the harvest and they can admire the traditional costumes, and listen to traditional folk music.

Padina Fest: 31st of July – 4th August

Padina Fest is a festival that takes place on the Padina Plateau, Bucegi Mountains. During the festival you can enjoy different activities like alpinism, biking, and zip line, workshops, and different sport contests. Also, every night you can see the performance of different bands and this year you will be able to watch a play. Check the event on facebook: www.facebook.com/padinafest.

Festivalul National al Păstrăvului (National Trout Festival): 15th – 19th of August

It’s the only festival of its kind in Europe and takes place in Ciocănești, Suceava. Activities like fishing contests, cooking contests, expositions, traditional costumes displays and contests with jokes about fishing will delight the visitors.

FânFest Roșia Montana: 15th of August – 18th of August

FânFest is an event that promotes the cultural and natural heritage of Roșia Montana trough debates, workshops, plays and concerts. Roșia Montana is a mining place from Apuseni Mountains in Alba. www.fanfest.ro

Pentru Mândra din Botiza (For my Sweatheart from Botiza): 17th of August – 18th of August

This festival is dedicated to the traditional folk music and traditional costumes and takes place every year in Botiza, Maramureș. It is a festival that you must include on your list of cultural events in Romania to attend if you are fascinated with Romanian traditions.

George Enescu Festival: 1st of September – 28th of September

It’s Romania’s most famous music festival known internationally organized in memoriam of George Enescu one of Romania’s most appreciated musicians. www.festivalenescu.ro

Plai Festival : 13th of September – 15th of September

Plai Festival is a music festival that takes place in Timișoara and promotes art and multiculturalism. Every year you can see on Plai’s stage artists from different parts of the world and different culture (www.plai.ro).

Coborâtul oilor de la munte: 19th of September, Poiana Sibiului, Sibiu

It’s about an old Romanian tradition when sheep are coming back from the mountains, a good time for shepherds to meet. With this occasion there is a Fair where animal and pastoral objects are put up for sell.

Întâlnirea sașilor la Sighișoara (Yearly Transylvanian German Saxons Meeting), September 21st

Every year, in late September the Transylvanian Saxons Meeting in Biertan, Sibiu takes place. This annual meeting has become a good occasion for Transylvanian Saxons form all over the world to spend some time together. The event starts with the church service, then dance troops parade in the village center and after that you can watch their performance.

Răvășitul oilor: 28th – 29th of September

In Bran, Brașov, at the end of September takes place an event that seals the end of the pastoral year. It’s the time when shepherds come back from the mountains and give back to the owners their sheep. During the event, tourists can listen to traditional folk music and try the different types of cheese. Also you can try the traditional bulz (you put cheese in polenta, make a ball and after that you put it in the stove).

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  1. The Saxon Meeting in September will be in Sighisoara this year and not in Biertan! 21 September.

    And from 5 to 9 September there will be the first Transylvanian Book Festival in Richis, Biertan and Copsa Mare! http://www.transylvanianbookfestival.co.uk

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