Traditional Romanian Easter Customs

Photo by andreeainjapan

As always, at this time of the year, nature seems to be an ally in our struggle to revive, to come back to life and enjoy spring after an astonishing winter. Easter is the holiday that shows and represents the core of this symbolic rebirth. For Romanians, the holiday has a spiritual significance bringing with it fascinating Romanian Easter customs and rituals that are distinct within each country’s region.

For example Bucovina is famous for its egg painting and garnishing. The Easter egg is considered as having a spiritual valence representing primordial life, rebirth, faith and joy. Women are entirely devoted to the process of first painting the eggs and then garnish them with special wax. The eggs are beautiful and require a confident, meticulous work. In Transylvania eggs are simply painted red as a proof of Christ’s sacrifice for people.

In Banat and Moldova, in the first Easter day, children wash their face with water kept in a special bowl with a red egg and a coin inside. This is a symbol of abundance, health and luck for the year to come. One thing for sure regarding children in the first Easter Day, irrespective of the living area, the ritual is the same: they are all expecting the Easter Bunny to bring them gifts!

We have so many rituals, traditions, symbolic Romanian Easter customs that we can practice or just appreciate and understand them as a part of our nature and existence. People are always inspired by stories, fascinated by rituals, delighted to express their thoughts, values, beliefs in a personal and representative manner. This is our way of receiving and offering. Celebrating Easter is a great occasion for us to do so! To burst in spirit, to revive, to love, to believe, to inspire, to share!

With all our joy and warmth we wish you Happy Easter Holiday!


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