Ho Ho Ho! … caroling customs

As Christmas is approaching, I’d like share with you about some caroling customs in some of the regions of Romania.

In Transylvania, it is common to carol “with the goat” . It is a custom practiced by men only. This type of caroling involves a man dressed in a goat, a musician and third man called the dumb, who is dirty with soot on his face and dressed with a lot of old clothes.

Initially, in Maramures, only boys went caroling, this being a test for them in the community. After the First World War girls joined the carolers too. The caroling is carried out in stages, according to age. First are the preschool children who do not learn carols, but they say some short wishes and they receive nuts, apples and coils. Then there are the school children, who sing short carols and they are also received with apples, coils and nuts. Only after that, the group of boys comes caroling, this being the most expected group, especially in the houses with unmarried girls. The boys are reworded with wine, meat and coils.

In Bucovina, around Christmas, people use to recover or to return any borrowed things back to their owners as they believe it is not good to have borrowed things during the holidays.

These are some of our Romanian caroling customs. If you are interested in having a similar experience check our Maramures Tour: Traditional Christmas Vacation.

Video: Carol from Maramures

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