Scarisoara village – the most picturesque place in Romania

wooden stairs leading to scarisoara villageMore than half of Romanians live in urban areas where they enjoy 21st century facilities. The same is valid for some of those living in rural areas, but some villages are really trapped in the past.

I will write about one of them, called Scarisoara village.

Some 40 people live in a hamlet at 1000m altitude where cars, tractors and even horse-drawn carriages cannot reach. You can only walk there by foot (actually hike as the ascent is quite steep). The shortest way from a main road involves climbing 4 wooden stairs, 10-15m each. In total it takes around 1-1,5 hours to reach the village from the valley. From the same main road there is another longer path, without wooden stairs, on which animals can go as well. When they need to carry heavier things they use horses or donkeys.

Once on the plateau the view is FANTASTIC! You are surrounded by mountains, forests, meadows and orchards. Until recently there was no electricity and some households still don’t have electricity. Now some of them built micro hydro-power stations and some use diesel generators, so there is some light at night.A grea place for a picnic

Luckily, vegetables and corn grow in Scarisoara village, they raise animals and locals are mostly SELF-SUFFICIENT. Their food is “organic” as city dwellers call it, for them it is just normal. Since there are no shops or bakery, each family bakes their bread or polenta. The wheat or corn are ground at a water mill. They still have 2 of those in the village, at both ends so it is convenient for all villagers.

People are very WELCOMING, very happy to see visitors and are willing to host them and share what they have. When I visited the village I met a family and spoke with them for half an hour. When I left they gave me a bag of potatoes to take home and I offered to take pictures of them and send it to them 🙂

For the very few children living in Scarisoara village there is a school and a little church. Both the teacher and priest commute and climb the wooden stairs daily or whenever needed.

The village is situated  at 15-20’ of driving from Baile HerLocal family from Scarisoaraculane. One can find the paths which climb the steep walls of the gorge.

Visiting the village is a wonderful half a day hike if you are in the region but you can even stay overnight with locals or with a tent.

We can organize a visit to this village as part of a 2 days or longer trip from Timisoara. The trip can also include visiting the Danube Gorge (boat ride), a hike in the Nera Gorge-Beusnita National Park to a turquoise lake and a waterfall, the village with most water mills in Romania and a bath in the natural hot water pools in Baile Herculane.

You can find more pictures on a Facebook post.

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