A testimonial

“Discovering Transylvania with Via Transylvania was and will remain a memorable experience. Not only I had the opportunity to discover the wonderful scenery and the beautiful mountains of the region but I have also been able to get in touch with local people, proud and happy to show us the wonders of their land. Tasting the milk that we had directly milked from the cow, celebrating Easter following the Orthodox tradition, climbing steep mountains, finding out traditional techniques of making coal from a genuine woman, following the paths taken by the gold miners under the Roman Empire, discovering the history that has shaped the region over centuries, these are some of the memories I would keep from my journey in Transylvania. I have also enjoyed the people I traveled with and the bonds we have created, which have added a sense of community and belonging throughout the whole trip. For sure, I would not change the experience I had in Transylvania for any other journey”
Aurelie, from France, living in Luxembourg

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