A testimonial from our first tour in 2011

One of our guests was kind enough to write a nice testimonial about her experience in Transylvania. You can also check pictures from this trip here.

“I spent wonderful five days on a tour of Transylvania. Everything was great but there were some things that were even better! Firstly a visit to a real traditional farm placed just on the top of the mountain. It was an amazing experience to milk a cow for the first time in my life. I loved the fact that we saw all the household animals and had an opportunity to taste fresh milk, homemade cheese and cream.  The other remarkable experience was to see the “ceremony” of baking bread in an old, traditional furnace. The owner of the pension we were staying at, explained us how they are baking it and invited us to see.  I should also mention climbing on Szekler’s Rock, a beautiful  mountain in Rimetea. A pretty hard exercise to get on top of it but the view justified that effort. The atmosphere in Viscri was also something not-to-be-forgotten. Visiting beautiful old fortified church and then going on a “căruța” ride (horse-drawn carriage) to the coal manufactory, meeting a really pleasant lady that is producing it and listening to her story. The last but not the least, I appreciated the “Rosia Montana case” tour. It was great to see and hear all the sides of the conflict: gold miners, company that want to take advantage of gold from the mountain and an association that is preserving it. All in all, the trip was remarkable and crazy, definitely worth to experience it. I fell in love in Romania!”


Opole, Poland

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