Why visit Romania? … a travelers’ perspective

We went on TripAdvisor to see what previous travelers loved about Romania and now we’re sharing it wiPeles Castleth you and showing you why visit Romania.

An Indonesian visitor of Peleș castle says „It looks amazing from the outside, absolutely beautiful and better in the inside especially the second floor. I can’t imagine how it was built and it was simply beautiful and gorgeous. All the rooms are unique and richly decorated.” (full review here)

A traveler from Portland, US writes about the villages with fortified churches in Transylvania “As we approached Malancrav we drove carefully through geese who crowded the tiny roads. We were greeted by two women chopping firewood. … At Richis, we were led about by an elderly man who is apparently the last of the Saxons in the village (along with his wife). He was very enthusiastic and informative as he revealed the Pagan symbols hidden about the church. He had a genuine, “old world” warmth about him. … If you have any interest in authentic villages reminiscent of times past, nice people, farm animals and absolutely beautiful countryside then this is the place for you!” (full review here)

An Italian visiting Bucovina wrote “The frescoes from Voronet, Humor, Moldovita, Arbore or Sucevita are all governed by a unifying spirit which is expressed on the one hand by the recurrence of artistic styles, means, motifs and scenes, and, on the other hand by the absolute harmony established between man’s genius at work and the beautiful natural background against which the monasteries were set. (full review here)

villagers working the land

Someone from Houston, US said about Bran Castle: “to name Bran Castle as “Dracula’s Castle” would be equivalent to naming Neuschwanstein Castle as “Cinderella’s Castle”. Dracula is pure fiction, but Bran Castle has a very real history. This castle fortress is about as authentic as you can find.” (full review here)

These are some positive comments and we hope they answered your questions about  why visit Romania. You can also read impressions of some of the travelers coming through Via Transylvania.

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