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Scarisoara village – the most picturesque place in Romania

More than half of Romanians live in urban areas where they enjoy 21st century facilities. The same is valid for some of those living in rural areas, but some villages are really trapped in the past. I will write about one of them, called Scarisoara village. Some 40 people live in a hamlet at 1000m […]

Maramures: are there alternatives to wood harvesting?

Maramures region, in northern Romania is one of the best preserved rural areas in Europe. It is situated in an isolated area, between mountains and on the border between Romania and Ukraine. That’s why a unique culture developed here and is largely preserved until today. People make a living from raising animals and working the […]

Authentic Romanian villages

I aim to contribute to keeping rural Romanian heritage alive as villages are going through a fast process of modernization. Tourism can play a catalytic role in preserving the authentic Romanian villages.  I’ve found role-model villages having done this successfully and these are 3 of them. Viscri – is a village built by German Saxons and […]