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Special Christmas traditions in Romania

Christmas is the most important religious celebration and many centuries-old Christmas traditions in Romania are still alive, especially in the northern region of Maramures. Attending the Christmas mass in traditional clothes in a wooden church On Christmas day, villagers put on their colorful, hand-made traditional clothes and attend the Christmas mass. Maramures is famous for […]

Welcoming spring traditions in Romania

The transition from winter to spring is one of the greatest celebrations in Romania and rightly so, our winters are quite harsh on us. Here are some welcoming spring traditions that we have: In late February there are traditions through which people try to banish the winter. In villages from Banat and other regions, locals […]

Family holidays in Romania, tailor-made

Example of a family trip to Maramures, Bucovina and Transylvania. This is the brief version of a tailor-made holiday plan we have recently crafted for a family of 6 (grandparents, parents and children) coming to Romania in August for 17 days. Days 1 to 7, discovering Maramures: collecting hay and piling a haystack, milking sheep at […]

Romanian Christmas Meal

For Christmas there are a lot of traditional dishes specific to our country. We are going to tell you how a Romanian Christmas meal looks like. In rural Romania as in other Eastern European countries it is common that families sacrifice a pig a few weeks before Christmas. It is an old tradition with its […]

Ho Ho Ho! … caroling customs

As Christmas is approaching, I’d like share with you about some caroling customs in some of the regions of Romania. In Transylvania, it is common to carol “with the goat” . It is a custom practiced by men only. This type of caroling involves a man dressed in a goat, a musician and third man called […]

Traditional Romanian Easter Customs

As always, at this time of the year, nature seems to be an ally in our struggle to revive, to come back to life and enjoy spring after an astonishing winter. Easter is the holiday that shows and represents the core of this symbolic rebirth. For Romanians, the holiday has a spiritual significance bringing with it fascinating […]