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Romanian Christmas Meal

For Christmas there are a lot of traditional dishes specific to our country. We are going to tell you how a Romanian Christmas meal looks like. In rural Romania as in other Eastern European countries it is common that families sacrifice a pig a few weeks before Christmas. It is an old tradition with its […]

Dec 16 – the day the 1989 Romanian revolution started

The 1989 Romanian revolution started on the 16th of December in Timisoara, the city I now live in. Every time I am here on this date, I feel cold shivers down my spine thinking of this day, 22 years ago. I feel enormous respect for the people who then revolted against the communist regime and […]

Ho Ho Ho! … caroling customs

As Christmas is approaching, I’d like share with you about some caroling customs in some of the regions of Romania. In Transylvania, it is common to carol “with the goat” . It is a custom practiced by men only. This type of caroling involves a man dressed in a goat, a musician and third man called […]

From Transylvania to London and back

Last week I went to London with the main purpose to understand how Transylvania is seen from there and initiate cooperation with like-minded organizations. I have to share the interesting stories of two Londoners, Jeremy and James. Jeremy, after a long and successful entrepreneurial career in the clothing industry traveled to South Transylvania, fell in […]