We’ve chosen to partner with tour guides with a good heart, passionate about Romanian heritage and traveling. Here are some of them:

Mircea (in yellow) is a cycling enthusiast and will take you on two wheel-journeys through the countryside that will relax and energize you. You’ll find him on the road most of the times, that's how he learned how much he loves turtles, seabirds, young fir trees, the morning grass, the afternoon grass, the smell of nature in its most peculiar ways, vélo-lovers worldwide, and most of all, rare Romanian places with their incredible people. Besides being a travel guide, he’s also a civil engineer and designer, having studied in Romania and The Netherlands. Languages: English and Romanian.


Alexandra lived in Spain for 3 years where she studied and worked in the field of immigration, intercultural mediation and education. She also traveled to 21 countries on 3 continents and now, back in Romania, she is a travel guide, translator and interpreter. Alexandra will give you the full insight on Romanian culture, tradition and history with a touch of contemporary trends and underground artsy movements. In Romania she studied political science and communication. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and Romanian.

Daniel is the founder of Via Transylvania Tours and a tour guide specializing in rural heritage and crafts. He is also fascinated by the 4 faces of Romania: the medieval, the communist, the rural and  nature and is enjoying sharing them with curious travelers.

Before working in the field of travel he worked in youth development at AIESEC, community affairs and corporate social responsibility at Microsoft. He lived and worked in Brussels, Warsaw, Istanbul and Cairo and travelled to another 20 countries on 4 continents. So he decided travel should be his full-time job in the country he feels the most connected to. Daniel studied management and sustainable development. Languages: English and Romanian.

Sanziana, though young is already a very experienced travel guide and for 3 years she trains new travel guides to this job. Her passion is Romanian folk art and everything that has to do with it, having even a master degree on the subject.

She is also a graduate in journalism and communication having studied in Romania and Sweden, so you’ll be sure communication with her is very smooth. When not being a travel guide in Romania or training she is probably guiding groups in places as far as Japan, Bolivia or Norway.

Her language skills are truly impressive being fluent in English, Swedish, French, Spanish and Italian.

Ioana was raised in the countryside where her grandma set up one of the first rural guesthouses in Romania more than 30 years ago. Through the eyes of their guests she learned to appreciate the Romanian traditions, costumes, dance and untouched nature.

Among her current interests are hikes in the mountains, Romanian cuisine, ancient traditions, literature and photography. She studied Literature in French and Romanian and Tourism in Sibiu.

Her family still owns the rural guesthouse, decorated with carpets hand-made by the grandma, having a wonderful garden and serving home-made food. Ioana guides travelers in French.


We've been working with Ciprian since 2011 when he was working for our very first partner, a travel agency from France and recently he started his own travel agency (AuthenTrip) offering authentic experiences to Romanians all over the world.

With Kathy Adams Clark and other great international photographers we work to deliver joint photography tours.

If you'd like to travel with one of us, please email us at Next, we will schedule a talk with you, create a tailor made itinerary for you and adjust it until you are completely satisfied with it. Then, we'll meet and hopefully enjoy a wonderful experience together.


For inspiration please take a look at some of our suggested itineraries.

We look forward hosting you!


There are also organizations with similar interests that we work with and mutually promote each other, this is a brief list of current collaborations: