Things to do

Things to do in RomaniaThis is our list of top things to do and see in Romania and its various regions: Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovina, Danube Delta, Banat, Moldova, Crisana, Oltenia and Wallachia.

Some of the suggested activities are seasonal while some places are at their best during a certain time of the year. Some of them are well-known (like the famous Bran Castle), while some are off-the-hidden-path attractions.

First you will find a list with the regions, then with suggested activities in villages and nature, some of the most interesting historic sites (such as castles or fortifications) and lastly some of the most interesting cultural events taking place in Romania.

You can self-build your tour of Romania or Transylvania region alone by adding to the trip plan the activities, places and regions you are interested in from the list below and send us an inquiry; we'll then suggest an itinerary.


Here are also 10 convincing reasons to visit Romania for travel photography posted on Nomad is Beautiful, a third party travel blog.



Regions to visit

Visit Transylvania

Visit Transylvania and discover medieval cities still having their fortresses and 150 villages their middle ages fortified churches.

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Visit Maramureș

Visit Maramures and you will find a truly rural region which preserves its traditions and lifestyle, famous for its wooden churches, UNESCO heritage sites.

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Visit Apuseni region

A region with mild mountains, many caves, beautiful traditions and a community which lives in harmony with nature.

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Vizit Retezat Mountains Region

A mountainous region which sheltered the old Dacian Kingdom capital, nearby we can find the oldest standing Romanian church and the most beautiful castle in Transylvania.

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Visit Bucovina

Visit Bucovina, set in a wonderful mountainous setting, the homeland of the painted monasteries and where Easter eggs are still decorated in a traditional manner.

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Visit Danube Delta

A heaven for birds, animals and fish with an endless labyrinth of channels which finally all flow in the Black Sea.

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Village activities

Autumn provisions

It's a tradition that in early autumn families gather provisions that will see them through the cold season.

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Sheepfold visit

Visit a traditional sheepfold in Romania and see how shepherding is practiced these days in Romania.

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Wood carving

The relationship between humans and nature in Transylvania is well expressed by the wood carving craft.

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Pottery might be your next hobby if you are looking for something calming and rewarding. Turning simple clay in something really useful can be a very empowering feeling.

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Cheese and butter making

Cows, goats and sheep in Transylvania should feel lucky with all the nutritious grass they have for grazing. The milk they produce is very creamy, ideal for making butter and cheese.

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Traditional farming

Traditional farming has ensured that for centuries peasants were self-sufficient, trading excess goods for others they didn’t have.

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Having a dowry was so important for girls when they wanted to marry that they had to learn weaving at an early age to prepare textiles attractive and in enough quantities to appeal to potential mates.

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Wine making in September

Romanians have produced wine for 3000 years and in medieval times, wine was the most common beverage. Nowadays many rural families still have a small vineyard for making home-made wine.

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In nature


Biking on earth roads from transylvania and other regions of Romania takes you to the most pristine nature and countryside a region can offer. Where these go, few other people but locals go. It is quiet, relaxing and intriguing to find out what we’ll encounter next.

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You can hike in many parts of Transylvania as it is actually surrounded by the Carpathian mountains.

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Rafting & canyoning

In Romania there a few good rivers for rafting and most of them are in the wider Transylvania region: Aries, Jiu, Nera, Cerna.

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Caving in Romania is for both the un-initiated but also for the professionals.

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Historic sites

Villages with fortified churches from Transylvania

The villages with fortified churches from Transylvania were developed between 13th and 16th centuries to protect Southern Transylvania from invaders.

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Visit Peleș and Pelișor Castles

Surrounded by picturesque scenery and nestled in the Carpathians Mountains, Peleş Castle is a place where the royal family definitely enjoyed living.

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Visit Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

Visit Corvin Castle in Hunedoara and you will definitely step back to medieval times. The Castle stands grand with tall walls and towers next to a river over which a long entrance bridge was built to protect it from invaders.

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Visit Sighișoara

Visit Sighișoara, one of the best-preserved and most beautiful medieval towns in Europe, the citadel being fully inhabited.

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Visit Roșia Montană - the gold mine

At Roșia Montană, gold has been mined since the time of Roman occupation in the second century or earlier, the Latin name being Alburnus Maior.

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Visit Sarmizegetusa Regia

A visit to Sarmizegetusa Regia will provide you with a better understanding of Romanians' origins from more than 2 millenia ago before Romans conquered Dacia.

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Visit Bran Castle

Visit the famous Bran castle and found out the real story about Dracula.

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Visit Densuș church

Densuș church is veiled in mystery having possible origins as a pagan temple and later on dedicated to Mars.

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Visit Timisoara

Visit Timisoara, the largest city in Western Romania and the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

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Cultural events

Sibiu International Theatre Festival

Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the third most important performing arts gathering in the world, as it gathers guests from over 70 countries and holds more than 300 events annually, hosting on average 30,000 visitors each day.

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Gărâna Jazz Festival

Garana Jazz Festival is one of the best jazz festivals in Romania.

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