How safe is Romania?

Romania is a safe country to travel to.

The Canadian Government travel advisory gives the same travel advisory for Romania as it does for France, Australia or Argentina recommending to "exercise normal security precautions", thus placing it in the category of the safest countries to travel to.

Same travel advisory recommendation is given by the United Kingdom or Australian Departments of Foreign Affairs.

The US Department of State has not issued any travel alert or caution for Romania describing it as "the country has a market-oriented economy with developed tourist facilities in the capital, Bucharest, and facilities of varying quality throughout the rest of the country."

According to the United Nations Organisation for Drugs and Crime latest homicide report, the crime rate in Romania is 2.0, close to those of Belgium (1.7), Israel (2.1) or Finland (2.2) and less than half that of the US (4.7) and a fifth of Russia's crime rate (10.2).